Headset maker B&O Play tracks retail sales with Zyme

B&O Play – the headset franchise of hifi specialist Hit & Olufsen – has started using Zyme channel management applications to handle its products across distribution channels and its growing retail. The franchise, which began four years back, started selling through Bang & Olufsen retail stores, but it needed to enlarge, using third party retailers.

The firm had formerly used a closed environment where all sales information was available as it enlarged to make use of third party retailers, amp & B;O Play needed to gather sales information from channel partners.
As a result it had restricted visibility on operation and the actions of its supply and retail channel.
While vendors were sending in monthly sell-through and inventory reports, there clearly was not any solution to prepare a consolidated summary for investigation, the organization said.
Viggo Olsen, manager, worldwide sales B&O Play, said: “We have a franchise channel of 650 channel partners. Channel management choices were based on limited partner data and we had limited ability to measure the effectiveness and efficacy of channel advertising or sales tasks, or to plan successful support of the retail associates.”

He said that, in the same way as every other manufacturing company that sells through outside sales channels, it was significant for the company discover what’s in stock and to monitor sales data for forecasting.
Working with B Zyme &O Play now has access to a world-wide dash which becomes the basis for creating channel visibility that is substantially improved. Based on Olsen, the Zyme applications enabled the firm to focus its sales team on driving sales chances rather than spending time gathering and analysing data that was inconsistent.
“The system empowers B&O Play to comprehend if a retailer or channel partner is having difficulties selling our merchandise and, if so, we can then proactively help.”
Formerly, information from its retail channel was sent in multiple data formats. Zyme supplies amp, B&;O Play with information in Excel information, which is later used in the management reports of the firm.