Intland Website: Agile Requirements Direction: Simplify Your Project Management

Date and time: 24 Feb 2016, 4:00 PM (CET) / 10:00 AM (ET)
Webinar length: 30 minutes
Agile Requirements Management - Intland SoftwareWhat you can learn:

Demands Direction is usually considered no more than mandatory management of the documentation that was needed. Businesses that fail Demands Direction regularly end up with incomplete and incorrect advice creating additional work and confusion, but in addition considerable delay in the launching of a product that may not meet the demands of their customers or marketplace in the very first place. They begin trying to find alternatives to enhance their software development process once teams recognize that lousy demands are the cause of software failures.

Our webinar can help you realize how our Demands Management feature set (which is completely incorporated in codeBeamer ALM) helps you handle the demands that are whole lifecycle from tracking, assessing, documenting, prioritizing, and agreeing on demands, all the way through to testing and launch. You are going to learn more about ensuring complete traceability along the procedure for development, and creating links between demands and other work things. Additionally, you will get an interior into Evaluation Coverage Browser our Traceability Browser, and flexibly configurable Kanban boards.

Webinar Schedule:
Handling Demands the Agile manner
Exporting and importing demands, using libraries
Communicating with external and internal stakeholders
Traceability in Requirements Management: creating links, utilizing the Traceability Browser
Utilizing the Evaluation Coverage Browser
Conditions baselining
Our webinar is designed for:

Project Managers, Software Developers and Designers, Quality Assurance Specialists / Quality Engineers

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